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About Laure

Our hectic, everyday life is often linked to stress, overworking and anxiety. The constant exterior demands; making us work at a frantic pace without rest, prevent us from taking the time we need to re-establish our much needed tranquility.

Seeking to reorient myself professionally, and after the education of my four children, I had this desire to feel useful. What's more rewarding than enabling the well-being of others! This led me to engage in several certifying courses at the Azenday School in Paris and open my salon in The Hague. 

It’s in this homey and cozy little lounge that I invite you to come and relax for a well-deserved break.

All massages are perfect sources of relaxation during stressful times. Even if some may have no therapeutic or medical aim, massages are more than just a moment of relaxation! The benefits of regular massages have a profound effect on mood, posture, sleep, stress level, and even blood and lymphatic circulation.

And these effects intensify during a regular massage.


See you soon !     


Massage Card

All vegetable and esssential oils used are 100 % organic.

Californian massage

It is an intuitive and creative massage, a succession of long fluid and enveloping movements.

It provides a great physical and psychological relaxation, while allowing to regain consciousness of one's body and to refocus oneself.

Swedish massage

Movements are mainly kneading, percussion and friction. It can be energizing or relaxing depending on the rhythm of the movements. It is often useful for sports preparation or recovery.

It provides tone, well-being, relaxation and flexibility of the body, releasing muscle tension, stimulating blood circulation and eliminating toxins.

Foot Thai reflexology

At first, it involves gentle and relaxing movements, then pressure and stimulation of the reflex zones of the foot and the arch.

With a non-therapeutic purpose, this very relaxing massage releases nervous tension, promotes blood circulation while balancing the functions of the body as well as energizing and giving dynamic.

 Amma sitting in business

Amma means massage in Japanese. It is an energy approach based on the principles of Traditional Japanese Acupressure Medicine.

This technique eliminates energy blockages and balances Yin and Yang energy flows.

Through a series of movements performed on specific points along the meridians, muscles and joints. This massage combines several body techniques that are similar to Shiatsu: pressure, percussion, vibration, tapping, and effleurage.

For men & women

LED Light Therapy

Photobiomodulation by LED (Light Emitting Diode), also called LED Light Therapy, is a gentle method that uses a cold, UV-free light. It stimulates the metabolism of skin cells and accelerates their renewal. Each color penetrates the skin at a different depth, for a specific action. 

This method is :

• 100% natural
• Non-invasive
• Totally painless
• No side effects

• Efficient and sustainable




The LED lamp is used for facial care: hydration, radiance of the complexion, tightening of the pores. The cells of the skin, under the action of light, are stimulated and regenerated. The skin is tightened, plumped and wrinkles are reduced.

The body also benefits by taking advantage of the draining and tensing effects of the skin. Cold light has impressive effects on tissue repair processes: recent scars, stretch marks, brown spots and burns...


Finally, this method has a significant impact on our body; that lacks light in the Netherlands because it boosts and strengthens the immune system.

Repeated sessions can effectively treat skin imperfections susch as:

Acne, winkles, orange peel, stretch marks, pigmentation spots and fight against stress, fatigue and lack of energy.


The different colors

Each session uses a specific protocol combining different lights whose particular effects are explained below. Associated with the LED Light Therapy, a range of specific masks is proposed to nourish the skin of assets chosen according to the type of care required. 







What are the products used?

All our products are 100 % natural, composed mainly of extra pure and organic ingredients of the French brand Luux Care. They made in Provence and are certified ECOCERT.

What is the frequency of the sessions?

The effects are visible from the first session, but will be more durable as part of a regular session schedule. It should be noted that the effects continue even after the end of the sessions, because the skin continues its work of regeneration and destocking. 

It is advisable to do at least 1 to 2 sessions per week for 4 weeks then on per month for regular maintenance.

What do we offer?


Re-energizing Care 20 minutes

Balance your mind, increase your energy and boost your vitality!
This light treatment alone will help you fight stress and fatigue a weel as purify the skin. It is proposed in addition to a massage.

The Coup d’éclat Care 60 minutes

This treatment is ideal for deep hydration and oxygenation of the skin. The result is unparalleled skin quality and smoothness, as well as a radiant complexion. The ideal way to feel radiant.

Anti-aging Care 60 minutes

The light stilmulates the production of collagen which will have the effect of filling wrinkles. Skin rejuvenates from sitting to sitting. 


Purity Care 60 minutes

(acne, anti-couperose, pigment spots)
The light will have an antibacterial, purifying and healing effect on the dermis. What will have, also an anti-inflammatory effect and will reduce theses skin problems.

Regenerating Care (stretch marks and scars) 60 minutes

This treatment stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The circulation impoves under the effect of the light which helps to restructure the skin. The mature (white) stretch marks fade and the immature (red) stretch marks disappear completely. 

Lifting Care  60 minutes


Treats orange peel distended neck or relaxed chest. By the action of light, the skin is retightened and found a new youth. 



What are the contraindications?

Since this type of treatment works by stimulating cell activity, it is best to seek the advice of your doctor if you are pregnant, if you have epilepsy or are undergoing photosensitizing medical treatment.


Yellow light





Green light


Youth and Teenagers


Busy schedule, performance anxiety, bullying, relocation, separation from parents ... Young people are subject to stress in the same way as adults. This manifests itself differently, however. For a growing youth, all of these factors can significantly affect one's physical development and selfesteem.

Touch healing will help break free from physical and emotional stresses and tensions.

A range of benefits

* Relieves tension accumulated by stress and bad postures due to repetitive use of mobile phone or computer.

* Activates the blood and lymphatic circulation as well as soothes the nervous system.

* Improves the quality of their sleep and strengthens their immune system.

* Decreases hyperactivity; improved mood and classroom behavior in order to promote better learning (especially for youth with learning disabilities or attention deficits).

* Calming and provides general well-being.


10 % discount

The massage dedicated to those younger than 20 will remain a great moment of relaxation and will give them the energy needed to start off again or to calmly perceive the exam periods.



Valérie M.

"I recommend Laure Essentials massages. Laure listens to your needs to bring you well-being and relaxation. She does this wonderfully by giving you a quality break.”


The boudoir of The Hague

* boudoir : small salon, which was formerly for the exclusive use of women

This cozy and homey space is an invitation to an afternoon of calm and tranquility.

A place to disconnect from everyday life and forget the stresses of everyday life.


Customer card 5 sessions

160 € (32 € per session)

Customer card 5 massages

248 € (50 € per massage)

Customer card 5 sessions

248 € (50 € per session)

Customer card 5 sessions

430 € (86 € per session)

Gift card

Offer a relaxing break. This a gift always appreciated... 


Active Woman

LED Light Therapy





35 €
30 minutes


(to choose)




55 €
60 minutes


LED Re-energizing

20 €

20 minutes

LED Light Therapy

Face Treatment 

(to choose)


55 €
60 minutes



10 €

10 minutes

Titre 2



LED Light Therapy

Face Treatment



95 €
100 minutes

(to choose)

Amma sitting

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The living room is located in the neighborhood of Benoordenhout in The Hague

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